5 thoughts on “Zeroshell 3.9.5 released

  1. Dear,

    Redownloaded multiple times but:
    md5sum ZeroShell-3.9.5-X86.iso
    f85fbc9d094b4cbe1ecef44477d8fe20 ZeroShell-3.9.5-X86.iso

    while the zeroshell MD5.txt files states:
    9946ef33c3f3119de30fe89304d33c9b ZeroShell-3.9.4-X86.iso
    0a40a8531f0b801512701bd4df279ce0 ZeroShell-3.9.5-X86.iso
    which is actually one extra number long so can’t be correct.

    Thanx and greetings,


  2. Hi Fulvio,
    Thanks this is really great!. have been waiting for this already experimenting with OPN.. as there was no sign of live anymore.

    Anyway thanks for this.

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