Zeroshell End of Life


The project has now reached the end of life. Zeroshell was born in June 2006 and has exceeded 200,000 installations in the world. Any security updates will be guaranteed until September 30, 2021. I thank everyone who believed and contributed in various ways to improving the project. The domain will be decommissioned or sold on September 30, 2021.

29 thoughts on “Zeroshell End of Life

  1. There might be a lot of things to say, but summarizing ’em … thanks, thanks , and again thanks, Fulvio, and all the best for your future projects, whatever they are about !
    Jonatha (redfive)

  2. Hello,

    sorry to hear that Zeroshell is EOL. It’s fantastic piece of SW.
    Are u planing on some new software?

    I have a couple of unupdated Zeroshell routers that i need subscription to do that.
    Is it still possible to get subscription license.


  3. Not! Not that!
    How can I get an authorization code for a distributor?
    Can there be any keygen?
    What would be the zeroshell alternative?

  4. Gentile Fulvio, sono uno delle migliaia di persone che ha approfittato di questo splendido progetto, posso solo ringraziarti per il lavoro svolto come in alcune occasioni ho fatto con umili donazioni, mi spiace che si concluda così.
    Grazie ancora!

  5. Curious on what you will be doing next, once you ditch Zeroshell.

    We, many users, will be missing it quite a lot.
    Like a joke, I’ve been using this solution since 2015 (6 years now!). I love it on ARM, it is simply always there.
    Will probably continue using it, internally not exposed, while we transition to whatever other solutions we decide to adopt.

    It was a great project, thanks Fulvio.
    Good luck in your new interests.
    Best regards.

  6. I am very sad about this news. I used Zeroshell with a lot of projects. It is a very powerful tool for networking issues.

    Thank you very much for creating Zeroshell, good luck with your future.

  7. It’s quite sad to hear that zeroshell is going down, it’s a nice project. Thank you for the great work!

  8. Hello Fulvio,
    thank you for the work all the years. It was my first router only system and gave me some insights.
    Now, while the project is closing, would you like to leave some build information, and something about how the various components have been integrated.
    That way some people could update there installations, maybe adapt things to a regular core distribution, or or join something into other router projects.
    Kind regards

  9. End of life:
    RIP Zeroshell. We had some great times.
    I am really going to miss you.

  10. Fulvio sin palabras ante la triste noticia, solo me qda gratitud e inmensa gratitud, desde que conoci me sirvio mucho solo tengo 2 instalaciones de uso personal, desde el lado final usuario final administrador, excelente herramienta.
    Zeroshell el unico en su genero,
    lastima que no pueda seguir la vida de Zeroshell, mis mejores deseos para el futuro profesional y personal Fulvio, mil bendiciones!

  11. This is really very SAD.
    What happens to those who are still using this. Any new firewall rolling out to replace Zeroshell ?
    Need to contact Fulvio – any email contact.

  12. Quel dommage ! Voilà un excellent produit qui va disparaître. Ce projet sera-t’il repris ?
    Dans tous les cas, merci pour votre travail. Depuis plus de 10 ansZeroshell m’a accompagné dans plusieurs de mes emplois.
    Merci Fulvio !

  13. Greetings,
    I just wanted to say Thank you so much!!! You don’t know how Zero Shell has helped me, it’s so useful, it’s much more than that. I’m really sad because this is happening.
    All the best,
    Camilo Hoyos

  14. Hello Fulvio,

    thank you for Zeroshell. I used it long years. Hope the best for your future.

    Best regards

  15. I am really sad to hear this news. I emailed you privately about this but not sure if you got my message.
    I only learned of this project a few months before you announced EOL. I really love this router/distro. Would you be so kind as to release the source code to me? I Would like to try to get some dev’s on this project and breath a new breath of life into it. I want to start by virtualizing the raspberry PI version of it so that i can (hopefully) easily allow it to run on RPI’4s with gigabit networking. I feel very strongly that this project should not be EOL’d and i would like to be the guy who facilitates it being reborn. I would include references to your name all of the place but would consider changing the name ever so slightly to reflect that it’s a reborn project.

    If you’re EOLing the project wouldn’t it be nice to see someone do something constructive with it rather than it just collect dust for a bit then fade off into digital obscurity?

    Per favore amico?

  16. Hello,
    I wanted to say thank you, Zeroshell has helped me a lot for years.
    Is there a way to collaborate to keep the project alive?
    Again, Thank you so much !!!
    Camilo Hoyos

  17. Hi Fulvio, you will continue with this amazing project?.
    I guess we can make something for you, I didn’t find another distribution as yours.

    I’ll really appreciate your future answer, thanks.


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